Lucas Verney




Web frontend / backend, C, C++

 Computer Science

Compilation, Algorithms, Robotics


Quantum mechanics, Computational physics, Optics


French, English, Spanish

Me Who am I?

I am a former student of ENS Paris, in Physics and Computer Science. I am mainly interested in subjects at the interface between Physics and Computer Science, especially in Quantum Information and Quantum Computation, mostly from a theoretical and computer science point of view. I have gained experience in these domains thanks to my PhD.

I am also very much interested in computer science and open data / public data. My FOSS contributions and my OpenStreetMap contributions let met interact with such open data.

Finally, I am doing associative bike advocacy and am interested in the mobility and transportation issues that cities around the world have to face at the moment.

Education Education

PhD in Quantum Physics, Inria (Paris) and École normale supérieure (Paris).
"Strongly pumped Josephson circuits", under the supervision of M. Mirrahimi and Z. Leghtas.
⇒ Quantum physics, Scientific computation (Python), Machine learning, Entrepreneurship.
B.Sc. in Computer Science. École normale supérieure (Paris).
⇒ Algorithms, digital systems, compilation, formal languages, calculability.
M.Sc. in Physics. École normale supérieure (Paris). ENS-ICFP Master “Fundamental Concepts of Physics” obtained with honours.
⇒ Quantum mechanics, computational physics, statistical field theory, general relativity.
B.Sc. in Physics. École normale supérieure (Paris).
⇒ Quantum mechanics, optics, statistical physics, experimental physics, relativity, hydrodynamics.
CPGE, Lycée Sainte-Geneviève.
⇒ Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering sciences.
July 2010
Baccalauréat, Clermont-Ferrand.
⇒ Science major, option mathematics, obtained with first class honours.

Work Work

List of scientific publications

Teaching of computer science for scientists in undergrad (Cycle CPES - Paris Sciences et Lettres).
Managing students projects in Python.
Collaboration with the Yale Quantum Institute, Yale University, New Haven
Two three-months scientific visit of the Yale Quantum Institute which lead to the deposit of a US patent (US Application number 62/778,748).
M2 internship in the QUANTIC team at Inria (Paris), supervised by Mazyar Mirrahimi.
Study of a Josephson circuit used to stabilize a quantum manifold of states for error correction.
Oral examiner in Physics in CPGE (MPSI / MP).
Lycée Sainte-Geneviève, Lycée-Henri-IV and Lycée Saint-Louis.
Consulting, Wandercraft.
R&D mechatronics: software architect and developer, in charge of the development of the first version of the prototype in a medical context (C++ with MISRA rules). Also in charge of setting up the infrastructure for unit tests, continuous integration and peer reviewing.
5 months research internship in Theoretical Physics, BEC Center, Trento, Italia.
Theoretical study of the hybridization phenomenon between first and second sound in Bose-Einstein condensates, supervised by Pr. S. Stringari and Pr. L. P. Pitaevskii.
July 2013
5 weeks internship in Experimental Physics, Institut d'Optique, Palaiseau.
Experimental internship on laser locking by beat note method in the gigahertz domain (30GHz), supervised by Pr. David Clément.

Skills Skills

 Computer Science

Compilation, Algorithms, Robotics, Scientific computation

Systems and networks, Formal languages


Frontend: HTML • CSS • JS (Vue.JS / React.JS)

Backend: Python • NodeJS

Misc: C / C++ (MISRA) • PHP / MySQL

Git • Docker • CI • Linux


Quantum mechanics, Computational physics, Optics


French (native), English (fluent), Spanish (B1 European level)

Experience Experiences

Tech talks

Selection of personal projects and open-source contributions

  • CyclOSM, a bicycle-oriented render for OpenStreetMap data.
  • OSMontrouge/OSM2OpenData, to generate OpenData files from OpenStreetMap data.
  •, a cycling issues reporting webapp.
  • Contributions to, a tool to spot paywalled papers and easily put them under openaccess.
  • Contributions to, an OpenStreetMap-based router.
  • A tool to automatically extract and fetch openaccess status of references in a given paper.
  • A proof-of-concept of a client-side search engine, in JavaScript, using Bloom filters.
  • Participation in the CitizenWatt project, supported by Paris city hall. I was involved in the schematics design and I coded the backend software.

Associative work

Hobbies Hobbies

Cycling Cycling
Bicycle advocacy for Mieux se Déplacer à Bicyclette in Montrouge. Biking to work and doing bicycle trips for holidays.
Interested in electronics and former president of hackEns fablab (2013-2015). Participated in the Coupe de France de Robotique, a French robotic tournament, in 2013. The team ranked 42nd out of 146 challenging teams. Participated in the Google Hash Code contest in 2015, the team ranked second out of 65.
Contributor to open-source software:,,, CyclOSM, local OSM community in Montrouge, …
Programming Self-hosting
Administration of a private server to self-host some personal websites and services (e-mails, …) since July 2012.
Climbing Climbing
Guitare Guitar
Practiced for 12 years.
Epistemology Epistemology

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